"I am a frequent visitor to my mother and see her at least every second day. I feel therefore that I speak with the conviction borne of familiarity when I state how consistent the level of care is at the home. This care extends not only to the security and comfort of the residents but also to their emotional needs. Specifically, it is not uncommon by any means to see staff hugging residents and giving them individual time and attention when they seem to need it. I have also been most impressed at the manner in which staff speaks to their residents.

Perhaps one of the most helpful insights that I have obtained over the past few months since my mother has been in Autumn Lodge, is that people with dementia may still have a quality life. I am very grateful that my mother is fortunate to receive the sort of care that she has at your home.

With kindest regards and best wishes."


Dr Gail L, Hove


"Thank you for the part Autumn Lodge played in her life and for all the
care your staff gave to Anne."


Mrs Hazel, Woodingdean


"I would like to say thank you to all staff at Autumn Lodge for their help and kindness,
both to my Mum and to me, over the last six months."


Sue, Hove


"... I must include with these comments my feelings towards certain members of staff who could not been more helpful - Sheena who has been such a support at all times and always so charming - Jocelyn, who took Mother under her wing and was always smiling, Sue who was so good when Mother had her last bad fall and Steve who so kindly helped me clear out Mother's room before leaving. Seamus has been a tower of strength all through our association with help and advice when required and you too, Sheila, who has always invited me to every party going - and may I say, there were plenty of those!

Thank you, thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart. Affectionately,"


Carole N (daughter of Christina), Seaford


"From my first visit I was struck by the airiness and comfort of the surroundings.
The exceptional staff are always very friendly and patient with residents."


Ralph B (Jain)


"It was good to visit Autumn Lodge, with my daughter Emily, at Christmas time and see my Mum. She seems very happy and when I asked her how she liked it there she replied "It's lovely". I feel so reassured that I have done the right thing and found such a caring environment for my Mum. The home was beautifully decorated and all the staff generated a welcoming and caring atmosphere. Thank you so much for looking after my Mum, along with all the other residents."


Genevieve W, France

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